Dive deeper into various corporate innovation and venturing topics, available as downloadable PDFs.

60 Corporate Incubators Shaping Our Future.

60 Corporate Incubators Shaping Our Future.

Discover how leading corporations all over the world are leveraging corporate incubation to fuel innovation, explore non-core growth opportunities and diversify their revenue streams.

Guide to startup partnerships

11 Key Steps for Successful Corporate-Led Startup Partnerships

A step-by-step guide to scouting, attracting and engaging with cutting-edge startups that align with your corporation's goals and vision.

Corporate venture examples

50 corporate venture examples.

These corporate ventures examples are driving innovation by disrupting from the inside out.

corporate incubator

10 key decisions to shape your corporate incubator

Get practical insights about the benefits of corporate incubators and the 10 key steps you need to take to make them successful.

Scaling corporate ventures: the foundations

Scaling corporate ventures: the foundations

This practical guide walks you through the three critical actions needed to take your venture from scratch to scale and beyond.

Disruptive innovation strategies

16 strategies for disruptive innovation.

These 16 corporate venturing tools will help you innovate at startup speed.

Spin off examples

20 Corporate Spin-Off Examples

Discover how the world's biggest consumer-driven companies have successfully spun off their ventures to secure future revenue sources.

Business unit vs spinoff

The corporate venture dilemma: spin-off vs business unit.

We dissected the main criteria to give you deeper insight and help you make the right decision.

Develop your innovation strategy in 2-3 days with these action points and tools.

8 essential actions to define your innovation strategy.

Develop your innovation strategy in 2-3 days with these action points and tools.

Business validation experiments

50+ lean validation experiments.

Find out which battle-tested experiments to use and how to perform them to test and prove your business ideas.

Corporate innovation ecosystem

Building a corporate innovation ecosystem.

How to grow your corporation from an egosystem to an ecosystem.

sustainable corporate venture examples

20 sustainable corporate venture examples

The corporations rewriting the future by venturing with new and sustainable business models.