Scaling corporate ventures: the foundations

This practical guide walks you through the three critical actions needed to take your venture from scratch to scale and beyond.

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Scaling corporate ventures: the foundations

What is it for?

To help corporate entrepreneurs leverage the critical actions that will ultimately become the foundation of a corporate venture’s scaling effort. Based on the insights from over 200 innovation tracks, this practical guide provides a deeper understanding of what you need to do early on, to ensure long-term venture growth.


  • Identify the right measurement approach that shines a light on your path forward.
  • Create an ideal team set up with access to the right talent at the right time. 
  • Select the appropriate ownership structure and legal entity format.

What you can expect.

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Key learnings.

A data-driven approach is key.

Beat the odds of failing by creating a structured path for your value proposition, powered by validation and metric tracking every step of the way.

The ideal team setup is wider than you think.

It requires multiple teams working towards one innovative vision. This includes a venture board, core innovation evangelists, a venture team, and access to ad hoc expertise.

Ownership decisions can make or break a venture.

Having the right ownership structure and legal entity will unlock new pathways for your venture on route to scale.


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Scaling corporate ventures: the foundations

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