Building a corporate innovation ecosystem

How to grow your corporation from an egosystem to an ecosystem.

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Building a corporate innovation ecosystem

What is it for?

  • Corporate leaders and innovators searching for a systematic, actionable methodology for creating and functioning in a business ecosystem. 


  • Discover the new paradigm of thinking from a traditional “egosystem” to an ecosystem.
  • Learn the three key strategic elements to building a solid ecosystem strategy.
  • Find practical worksheets to help navigate your efforts in a collaborative way.

What can you expect in this deck?

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Key learnings.


The new paradigm of business uses the minimum viable product–that can collect customer-based evidence–as the catalyst for setting up the least-complex ecosystem that can deliver it to selected customers.


The collective success of the ecosystem relies heavily on clearly defined roles. Each player has a consequential part in the ecosystem, from delivering a piece of the consumer solution to contributing a necessary capability, and more.


Building a system with various shifting elements requires a set of terms. These will guide how new entrants access the ecosystem and even how your company could be attached to other ecosystems.

Value exchange

Capturing the value of the ecosystem acts as a shared currency between the players. Each company’s offered input into the ecosystem can be gained back in multiple time frames and in various forms.


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