The corporate venture dilemma: spin-off vs business unit.

These are the key considerations you should take into account before making a corporate spin-off or business unit.

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The corporate venture dilemma: spin-off vs business unit.

What is it for?

Gain insight into the key factors you need to consider when choosing an entity structure for your corporate venture.


  • Get a clear definition of the entity structures available.
  • Compare the benefits of each option across six core business criteria.
  • Find out which key perspectives contribute to your decision.

What can you expect in this deck?

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Key learnings.

Both advantageous

Each entity structure has its own advantages that suit a specific scenario, dependent on various strategic factors.

Innovation Matrix

The further away from the core business the new corporate venture operates the greater the opportunity to benefit from a spin-off set-up, and vice versa.

Corporate assets

The key is to structure the corporate venture to leverage these assets without losing speed, regardless of the final format chosen.


This may not always be a simple decision, therefore you need to consider all the options and perspectives that focus on the success of both the corporate and its venture.


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eg: Venture Beat, Linkedin, Sifted, Techcrunch,...

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