20 Corporate Spin-Off Examples

Discover how the world's biggest consumer-driven companies have successfully spun off their ventures to secure future revenue sources.

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20 Corporate Spin-Off Examples

What is it for?

Inspire your venturing efforts with real-world examples of successful, consumer-driven corporate spin-offs from across the globe. Learn how industry leaders utilise various structural combinations to create win-win scenarios for both parties.


  • Find out about the different branding styles spin-offs use, including “powered by”, direct, legal mention, and no connection.   
  • Discover how spin-offs can help companies explore new segments with core, adjacent or radical offerings.  
  • Explore how different companies across industries adapt their spin-off ownership level to fit their unique needs and goals. 

What you can expect.

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Key learnings.

A strategic growth catalyst

By operating outside the corporate umbrella, corporate spin-offs become nimble entities adept at swiftly adapting to market changes.

A win-win in an uncertain climate

In a climate marked by economic uncertainty and modest growth, spin-offs can help companies explore new opportunities with less resources and risk.

Tailored for success

Spin-offs can tailor their strategies to fit unique market demands and strategic objectives, boosting their chances of success.

Mitigated risk

The spin-off model allows corporations to segregate assets and liabilities, reducing risk by creating leaner, more focused entities.

New partners and investors

As autonomous entities, spin-offs can attract and pursue new partnerships and investment opportunities that might not have been possible under the parent company


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20 Corporate Spin-Off Examples

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