Strategy canvases

Use these to outline, map, and collaboratively understand the bigger picture of your innovation efforts.

Corporate ecosystem

Ecosystem Mapping Canvas

Three canvases to map the ecosystem, partner network, and value-sharing opportunities.

Incubator canvas header

Incubator Canvas

Map out a clear framework to make strategic decisions and shape your incubator.

Shopper of tomorrow

Shopper of Tomorrow Canvas

Learn about the four main shopper attitudes, and use these personas to identify new opportunities for your company.

customer journey header

Customer journey canvas

Get a sense of your customers' motivations - their needs and pain points, by mapping out a customer journey.

Target group header

Target Group Canvas

Define your target audience(s), using this target group canvas with example personas.

SWOT canvas header

SWOT Analysis Canvas

Clearly define your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities with this practical canvas.