Concept Card Canvas

Map out your concept in a simple format and define the three key features that make it unbeatable.

Available for online collaboration with your team
Concept card Header

What is it for?

This canvas will help you draft your first idea and enable you to take it one step further – making it more tangible. Use it to come up with the main goal and three features of your concept.

This exercise can help you:

  • Figure out the first steps needed to take your idea to the next level
  • Focus on your Target Group and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Define the 3 main customer benefits of your concept

What can you expect in this deck?

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How to use this.


Do a bit of ideation to prepare before using this canvas.


Use the canvas to outline your best ideas.


Make sure you detail the 3 key features of your concept.


Pitch your new venture concept to your team.