20 sustainable corporate venture examples

The corporations rewriting the future by venturing with new and sustainable business models.

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A few of the top global companies gaining insights from this report
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20 sustainable corporate venture examples

What is it for?

Discover how companies are leveraging corporate venturing to diversify their portfolios, test new business models, and tap into new tech to launch more sustainable offerings.  


  • Get real-world examples of how venturing is making the world more sustainable. 
  • Learn how strategic collaborations help corporates stay future-proof and competitive.
  • Find out how new technologies are being used to create future-focused value propositions.

What you can expect.

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Key learnings.

Partnerships that lead to ecosystems

A growing number of strategic partnerships between corporates and startups are being forged, creating new-value ecosystems.

Most VPs were core-adjacent

65% of the value propositions examined in this report were adjacent to the corporate’s core business.

Focused development areas

Popular areas for sustainable development include electrification, CO2 reduction, power grid optimisation, agriculture, and biotech.

Sustainability-facilitation on the rise

​​Sustainability-facilitation as a service is on the rise, with new ventures helping corporates become circular and sustainable.


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20 sustainable corporate venture examples

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