Key Insights from 50+ Global Corporate Venturing Leaders to Propel Success in 2024

All the insights and solutions to corporate venturing's biggest challenges, shared in the Bundl Venture Club and now available to everyone.

Key Corporate Venturing Insights from 50+ Global Leaders
Key Corporate Venturing Insights from 50+ Global Leaders

The Bundl Venture Club, our global community for senior corporate entrepreneurs, met every few weeks at one of the roundtable events to discuss and solve their biggest challenges. They covered topics spanning strategy, going to market, stakeholder engagement, startup scouting, and many more.

To help you kick off the new year, we gathered all the key lessons, insights and solutions in one downloadable pack of PDFs. If you’ve ever asked any of the questions below, this is for you:

Venture Strategy:

“How can I overcome compliance hurdles to maintain speed in the early stage of a venture?”

“How can I formalise access to corporate assets to support my venture portfolio?”

“How do I get internal stakeholder buy-in and sponsorship for our venturing activities?”

“How can I prove ROI of corporate venturing to my exco?”

“How do I balance exploration and revenue when defining my corporation venturing scope?”

New Ventures:

"How do I transition from an MVP to a scale-ready product?"

“How can I measure the success of my corporate venture?”

Venture Partnering:

“How can I source and partner with startups that align with my organisation's long-term goals?”

”How can I help startups work effectively within corporate environments?”

“What corporate assets should I offer startup partners?”

We’re sure these insights from these global leaders will help shape your corporation’s future through impactful venturing.

If you’d like to be a part of these live conversations or decide what topic we should tackle next, sign up to the Bundl Venture Club today.

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