Introducing: The global list of corporate venture examples

Find out how this filterable list of over 200 corporate ventures can help you boost your next venture track, gain competitor insights and discover untapped markets.

Image of world map showing companies in different locations
Image of world map showing companies in different locations

As venture builders, we’re always scanning the corporate landscape on the lookout for the most innovative, game-changing ventures. It’s a great way to gain inspiration, pick up valuable insights, identify emerging trends and discover what works and what doesn’t.

Through the years, this research has led to the creation of an extensive list of corporate ventures, with examples from industry leaders like Google, Nike, Apple, Rabobank, and many more. Internally, we’ve often used it as a reference for various tracks and as a base point for the creation of some of our favourite Bundl reports and corporate startup stories. 

Now, our complete digital database of corporate ventures is available to you, for free.

We’ve even added a few new exciting filters and features to heighten your user experience and make it easier for you, our extended Bundl family, to get the most out of your search. Want to know more? We’ve created a small guide on how to use the new corporate venture list below.

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How to use the list of corporate ventures

The Global List of Corporate Ventures was designed for speed and convenience, putting hundreds of valuable data points at your fingertips. Each venture is listed with a brief description of what it does, along with its:

  • Industry
  • Parent company
  • Location
  • Year founded
  • Business model
  • Proximity to core
  • Ownership type

Each of these data points is visualised in a digital card like the ones below.

gif showing data cards, at first there the data is blank and then the data is completed

A filter has been added for each of the data points, enabling you to sort and find different ventures using the topics most relevant to your search. All you have to do is check the side panel and click the one (or ones, yes multiple filters can be applied) you need. 

image of a search tool being used to find information inside a database

How to find the corporate ventures you're looking for

Here are just a few ways you can use each of the filters available in our Global List of Corporate Ventures:


The industry filter can be used to find ventures in your industry, in adjacent industries or to discover ventures completely outside your area of business (e.g. a new potential growth area). This type of search can provide insights into emerging industry trends and technologies.  


This filter enables you to analyse your results by location, making it easier to spot country-specific trends and compare them by geographic location. 

Year founded

Filtering ventures by the year they were launched enables you to discover time-based trends. You can, for example, cross reference it with the business model filter to get an idea of which business models were popular in different years. 

Business model

The business model filter enables you to know which ventures were launched as B2B, D2C, B2C etc. You can, for example, cross reference it using the industry filters to find out which models are popular in different industries. 

Proximity to core

This filter enables you to know how far from the core business of its parent company a venture is. It sheds light on the different growth areas companies are exploring and how they go about expanding their businesses and target audiences. 

Ownership type

You can use the ownership type filter to find out if a venture was built in-house, an investment, a partnership or a joint effort built by two or more different companies. 

You can mix and match different filters to narrow your search and discover different trends and data points relevant to your track. 

An ever-growing list of corporate ventures

So far, we’ve managed to upload over 200 corporate ventures from various industries and companies around the world - and that’s just the beginning. Our plans for the future include expanding this library, not only with new ventures but with new data points and filters to heighten your user experience.

Unlock and access the full list for free here. And stay tuned for biweekly updates on the latest corporate ventures and database upgrades we’ll be rolling out throughout the summer!


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