The industries of the future normal.

Rapid innovation and adaptation are serving the new digital needs of consumers.

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The industries of the future normal.

What is it for?

Discover the effects of Covid-19 and what the future normal looks like for consumers and the industries that serve them.


  • Understand how uncontrollable forces set the scene in transforming consumer behavior in each industry.
  • Find out how consumers and companies responded– its long-term and digital effects.
  • See real innovation examples that reveal what the future of these industries and our world looks like.

What can you expect in this deck?

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Key learnings.

Digitalization was accelerated

The path towards global digitalization, complemented by the stay-at-home economy, was inevitable. Covid-19 and lockdown measures accelerated the process.

New consumer relationship

Many companies and their consumers forged a new relationship, one based on necessity and serving each others current needs.

Change is needed now for tomorrow

The need for companies to reorganize to meet current conditions is a top priority and must be set up to be future-proof.

Virtual is reality

The adoption of virtual services moved from novelty to necessity – this is most noticeable in the facilitation of human connection across industries.

Home is hub

The home is the true center of consumer’s lives. They will favor business models that take that into consideration and meet them there seamlessly.


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