10 corporations that shifted direct-to-consumer

Corporations are shifting their efforts direct-to-consumer to meet the new demands of the stay-at-home economy.

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10 corporations that shifted direct-to-consumer

What is it for?

Covid-19 supercharged the stay-at-home economy and digital consumers. In response, corporations are now shifting towards digital and direct models to meet new buying habits. We’ve found 10 D2C examples to inspire you.


  • Get an overview of the different D2C possibilities available
  • Be inspired that D2C opportunities exist in a broad range of industries
  • Find actionable insights that you can apply to your company’s post-lockdown business strategy

What you can expect.

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Key learnings.

New markets are emerging

There has never been a better time to venture into new markets. The entire eco-system has been thrown on its head leaving open gaps to be capitalized on.

Future-proof strategies

The stay-at-home economy has shifted consumer expectations. Corporations can future-proof themselves by meeting those new direct and digital needs.

Inefficiencies can be solved

Physical presence is often more of a nuisance than a necessity. Digital and direct ways of connecting with consumers can smooth the path to purchase.

Corporate startups offer lower risk

Corporate startups offer a safer way to experiment with new offerings to new markets whilst keeping the mother brand secure.

The middleman’s days are numbered

Digital services that have fed directly into the stay-at-home economy have shown that the middleman is obsolete in many industries.


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10 corporations that shifted direct-to-consumer

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