Venture Student

Meet Papé, our furry Venture Student and office dynamo, boasting an energy level that rivals a caffeine-fueled rocket ship! This working cocker spaniel doesn't just bring joy to Bundl - he's a whirlwind of fluffy enthusiasm, making our every day brighter.

When he's not chasing after balls (a pastime in which he's an unrivaled champion), Papé is honing his skills. This canine genius is incredibly quick to pick up new tricks, almost as if he's in constant 'learn mode'. His spaniel genes make him a natural at following commands - don't be surprised if you catch him observing strategy meetings or practicing his pawfect pitch.

But what truly makes Papé an invaluable member of our team is his unwavering loyalty. He's as free-spirited as they come, never needing a leash, but he's always there when you need him, ready to lend a paw or snuggle up when you need a pick-me-up.

So, if you need a dose of endless energy, a wagging tail, or a warm nuzzle, seek out Papé. With his playful spirit, loving nature, and the charm that only a four-legged friend can bring, Papé is indeed a favourite in our Bundl family.

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