Montana joined the Bundl family in May 2022.
Montana Mertens

Montana Mertens


Montana joined the Bundl family in May 2022.

She creates awesome designs and MVPs and enjoys helping her team navigate ideas, by putting them into a visual representation.

Montana is passionate about everything related to digital, from phones to computers, and even the interface of a car gets her excited. Montana is on a mission to create great-looking, great-working, realistic products in a digital environment. Starting from a rough conceptual idea to eventually setting the first foundations. At the same time, she is always eager to see what's happening in the software department when it comes to productivity or design tools. From Sketch to Figma, Wordpress to Webflow, Notion to Clover. There’s a high chance that when you walk past her, you’ll find her screening new tools on Producthunt.

Creating her first photoshop at the age of 11 to earn some in-game money in an online mafia game. She learned how to create a ‘you got killed by’ image that could accompany your kill in the game in exchange for some hard earn mafia coins.

In the years following those exciting mafia times, she kept on pursuing tutorials and other ways to teach herself new skills. This mindset convinced the staff at Board of Innovation to be their first dedicated prototyper and in-house designer leading towards her building their brand to what it is today, by assisting their clients in their ideation and design tracks.

After her time at Board of Innovation she worked at Pàu as a UX/UI designer and in-house graphic designer, helping big Belgian corporates create full design systems, products and features while helping Pàu prep their brand for the future.

Outside of work, it will be near impossible to see her without her dog. The little guy gets her up in the morning for a run around the garden, or a long walk in the park. She loves to take him on a hike and spend the day in nature.

Other than her dog, she loves some good company, a drink, and some good old nacho cheese-flavoured Doritos.

Her party trick: She can imitate the sound of popping a bottle of champaign.

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