Joeri joined the Bundl family in May 2021 as a Senior Venture Builder.
Joeri Van Cauteren

Joeri Van Cauteren

Senior Venture Architect

Joeri joined the Bundl family in May 2021 as a Senior Venture Builder.

Together with his project team, Joeri helps our clients to come up with innovative strategies and disrupting products or services.

Before Joeri joined us at Bundl he heard about the Bundl academy night and decided to attend as a guest. He found the vibe and the passion of everyone at Bundl so intriguing that he started talking with Maxime about joining the Bundl team. Now, he is working on a venture for a client where they are looking into sustainable home renovations.

Joeri is passionate about Human-behaviour, specifically, he is interested in how our mind plays an important role in what we do, whether we know it or not. One day, he’d like to understand more about that behaviour and to see what we can do with it or if we can change it.

Just like many others on our team, he’s had his fair share of ventures and hustles before joining us at Bundl. Working in industries such as fintech, automotive, real estate, finance, diamond and jewellery, media and creative business...

Joeri’s life outside of work is mostly managed by four lovely women, his wife and three daughters, which includes twins.  In the summer, he loves water sports and hopping on his road bike whenever he can. However, his one true passion is actually his work, as design is part of his entire life. Lastly, Joeri has a party trick, buy him a beer and he’ll tell you a fun fact about himself.

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