Creating a personalised and planet-conscious D2C skincare brand.

Corporate Venture

The challenge

Create a D2C skincare brand that meets the changing needs of customers towards sustainability and personalisation

Our role

Bundl and Beiersdorf co-developed O.W.N from scratch, almost completely remotely. The task was to explore new value spaces in the skincare industry. Together, we conceptualised new ventures, tested various propositions and branding with real customers, and built and launched a validated startup in the market.

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About the venture

A D2C skincare startup built for women looking for a sophisticated yet simplified skincare routine. O.W.N offers a small range of planet-conscious, personalised products with only the ingredients your skin needs.

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The results

A new D2C skincare brand that is planet-conscious, personalised, and minimal.

Concept ideation and co-development

A growing number of customers want personalised solutions. Bundl helped ideate and develop the O.W.N concept to help Beiersdorf fill that market gap.

Customer journey design and validation

The website needed to be developed and tested, so we executed multiple validation experiments, including smoke testing and in-depth interviews.

Branding & content creation

Bundl helped create the branding, messaging, and blog content for the O.W.N website. Each decision was carefully made based on customer data gathered through lean experimentation.

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A simplified, personalised, and planet-conscious skincare routine.

Co-developing a new D2C skincare concept that meets emerging customer demands for minimalism, personalisation and sustainability.

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