Bruna joined Bundl in January of 2023.
Bruna Jeque

Bruna Jeque

Business Operations Assistant

Bruna joined Bundl in January of 2023.

Her role consists of monitoring the internal work behind all the projects at Bundl, as well as doing a lot of follow-ups when it comes to things like sales proposals, capacity planning, budgets and customer satisfaction.

She also helps monitor the databases and find new opportunities by analysing business processes and evaluating business needs.

She is passionate about the organisation and the creativity behind it. Although internal work isn’t very creative, there’s a lot to be said about finding ways to optimise processes within a business and finding the most efficient way for people to do their jobs. Today there are many platforms like Notion, that allow you to get experimental with all things organisational, which is something she absolutely loves.

Bruna is currently still in school, finishing her bachelor's degree in International Business Management. Before Bundl, she was working in a Pizza place in Antwerp, where she learned a little bit of dutch.

Bruna loves to cook and try out new things in the kitchen!  When she moved to Antwerp she fell in love with Asian cuisine, so if you don’t find Bruna in the kitchen you’ll find her in a restaurant trying out new foods. She loves food because it bonds people and it opens them up to an array of cultures.

A fun fact about Bruna is that she went to boarding school in South Africa for 5 years.

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