Venture Architect

Full Time
Antwerp, Belgium
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Venture Architect

Full Time
Antwerp, Belgium
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About Bundl

Bundl is one of Europe's leading corporate venturing and innovation firms. We are a team of 55+ people with many different profiles and career paths. This diversity requires standardisation without killing the human character of our culture. At Bundl, we are seeking individuals who possess a strong passion for research, new venture design, rapid experimentation, business model innovation, technology, and more.

Our team of skilled venture builders operates throughout the Benelux region, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal. They collaborate with esteemed multinational corporations in various industries including FMCG, finance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and more.

Job Description

Maybe we'll be everything you love and nothing you don’t.

Choose your flavour.

Employee or entrepreneur model, it’s your call.

Co-drive the startup life.

Work side-by-side in our corporate ventures.

Enjoy flexible work hours.

Whether you’re a night rider or an early bird, you’ll fit in.

See the world.

We think, act, and work international.

Work hard, play hard.

We mix dedicated hard work with a funky friday attitude.

Work with hero brands.

They’re those who are willing to change to grow.

Next steps.

Next steps.

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