Alberto Mucci

Alberto Mucci

Venture Strategist

Alberto joined the Bundl family in September 2021 as a Senior Venture Architect. His core responsibility is to help clients define and develop concepts for new products and services.

Before joining Bundl, Alberto worked for quite a few different companies across the globe. He started out as a Journalist at Politico, a U.S. newspaper, he tried his luck as a startup founder before pivoting to the professional services industry as a Product Manager at a digital agency in Milan. Thereafter, Alberto accrued valuable experience as a Business Designer at Board of Innovation in Antwerp and his previous position before joining the Bundl team was a Business designer at Made in Antwerp.

Outside of Bundl, Alberto is currently involved in two new projects, a crowd-driven innovation platform and a referral website for bank leads.

His favourite book is ‘The Ministry for the Future’,  a climate sci-fi that takes place in a future not so far from our own.

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