Yasmine joined the Bundl family in June 2021 as a Design Trainee. 
Yasmine Breuls

Yasmine Breuls

Venture Trainee: Design

Yasmine joined the Bundl family in June 2021 as a Design Trainee. 

Her role at Bundl is to support the Marketing Team with the design of visuals for all social channels, advertising and articles.

While she was searching for a student job in the creative sector, she stumbled upon a Facebook post in one of her school groups. Bundl was looking for a student designer. After researching Bundl to find out who we are, she quickly learnt that it would be a great match for her. Bundl’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative methodologies inspired her to sign up for the traineeship.

She is passionate about all kinds of graphic design tools and likes to experiment with different types. Yasmine would like to discover the new trends of the design industry. She wants to explore the world of design and uncover all the hidden secrets that experts pick up along the way.

When she’s not busy creating and designing, you can find her working out in the gym. She absolutely loves a good workout as it gives her a real boost for the rest of the day. Whenever she needs a clear head, a break or even to feel energetic again, Yasmine grabs her gym bag and heads down to the gym.

She also loves to hang out with her close friends. No matter how long she doesn’t see them, when they get back together the parties and time together remain just as epic.

Yasmine can spend hours shopping, no not for protein powder or fitness gear, ok maybe sometimes but what she truly enjoys is thrift shopping. Looking for that one special piece or finding unique clothing is her favourite thing to do.

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