Wiktoria joined Bundl in January 2023 as a venture intern.
Wiktoria Marszalek

Wiktoria Marszalek

Venture Intern

Wiktoria joined Bundl in January 2023 as a venture intern.

Before joining Bundl, she used to work at a marketing agency, which helped her notice several pitfalls of the industry, such as how difficult it is to run growth campaigns when marketing is isolated from business and product development. She also noticed how businesses often are stuck in their silos and are not trying to learn what customers really need and actively want. Especially in China, where she worked, Western companies would decide they wanted to roll out their product in the market but wouldn’t want to spend any money on discovering the market and the consumers.

Wiktoria would like to focus on creating things people really need and contributing to the shift towards a circular economy.

Wiktoria is a sinologist who dived into the world of Chinese marketing, bringing RoW (Rest-of-World) companies into the Chinese market. In the meantime, during her innovation class at university, she was introduced to human-centred design and innovation processes. She was drawn to and started exploring the space and looking for new opportunities post-graduation; that’s how she came across Bundl.

Hanging out with her friends over a cup of coffee or a bowl of ramen is how she recharges her batteries and what she likes the most. Otherwise, if she needs some time for herself, she usually escapes into yoga. But on top of everything, she loves travelling, wandering around, getting outside of her bubble and learning something new, whether it’s a new city, a hiking trip in the mountains, or a weekend by the ocean!

A fun fact about Wiktoria is that she was on TikTok before you knew TikTok existed! It was first rolled out in China, and she accidentally got Internet famous for three days after she posted a video about a Polish drug song, a surreal experience.

At some point, she also crashed Alibaba’s influencer incubator event and got mistakenly interviewed by China state news agency.

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