Tanguy joined the Bundl family in May 2021 as a Growth Hacker.
Tanguy Verbelen

Tanguy Verbelen

Growth Hacker

Tanguy joined the Bundl family in May 2021 as a Growth Hacker.

The core of his role at bundl is to help our clients to validate their business ideas and later on to scale their business.

During his last year of university, where he studied Communication Sciences, he was offered a full-time job as a growth manager at a startup called Speakersbase. He joined the founders as the first FTE and became responsible for the growth of the platform. In the two years that followed, Tanguy managed to grow its user base from 200 to 2,000 users from over 55 countries, without any marketing budget to spend.

Since then, he’s held growth positions at various Belgian startups (Immofy, Social Seeder, StoryChief), which allowed him to be at the forefront of innovation and create proven growth processes and frameworks.

Tanguy is passionate about developing ideas from a concept to a validated product that people truly desire. He gets excited when investigating what customers love about a product. For Tanguy, the best part of his job as a Growth Hacker is setting up an experiment and seeing positive results so they can move forward with the product launch.

Alongside his work at Bundl, he is also an active marketing consultant for B2B startups. He has always loved working at startups and knows from experience that growing a business can take a lot of effort. Tanguy helps startups streamline their marketing operations, which allows them to grow their business quicker.

Before he tackles the working day, Tanguy loves a good morning workout. It helps him start the day off fresh and keeps his mind clear throughout the day. In the evenings, he loves going out and discovering new restaurants, which in turn motivates him to hit the gym regularly. He’s also quite the musician as he’s been playing the piano, guitar, and bass guitar for 21 years.

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