Giovanni joined Bundl in November 2022.
Giovanni Pezzulo

Giovanni Pezzulo

Venture Intern

Giovanni joined Bundl in November 2022.

He joined as a venture intern that works closely with our venture architects to help to build corporate startups from scratch with our clients. Giovanni believes in innovation above the status quo. For him, innovation is the key to social and economic development and the most effective way to achieve a positive impact. He comes from a small Italian town called Sessa Aurunca. However, he had the opportunity to get out of his comfort zone by studying in Spain and Poland. He studied business administration for his bachelor's degree and later obtained a master's degree in economics and management. His curiosity to discover new countries and his interests in innovation are what led him to Bundl. In his own words, it was love at first site.

He enjoys walking in nature and listening to it, and also taking care of himself, both physically and mentally, by working out and meditating. Giovanni is super social and enjoys spending time with the people he loves. He also enjoys cooking and discovering new things. His main hobby is satisfying his curiosity.

Among his friends, he is often told that he is the devil's advocate because he likes to open up and keep debates going without taking widely shared and accepted positions for granted.

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