Floris joined the Bundl family in November 2022.
Floris Meulensteen

Floris Meulensteen

Growth Marketer

Floris joined the Bundl family in November 2022.

Floris is a combination between a venture architect and a growth marketeer. Within Bundl, he focuses primarily on scaling corporate ventures by shaping value propositions, validating user adoption, and building scalable products using proven methodologies, hands-on execution, and all the latest tools.

At the age of 14, Floris owned an online game. Through micro-transactions, he managed to have his own company when he was in high school. It sparked his interest in data and entrepreneurship.

He enjoys setting up rapid experimentation processes and loves to combine that with the right goals. Floris is also interested in financial modelling and measuring profitability but dislikes innovation theatre and believes it is important to look at the commercial feasibility of products and services.

Before joining Bundl, Floris worked at DSG Ventures, the innovation department of DSG. There he built a mobile application for home renovations called VerbouwApp. This app is now a common native application for home renovations in the Netherlands which went from 0 to 10,000 active users in just a couple of months.

He also worked at Gritd, an organisation that has analyses and guides startups to maturity. At Gritd, Floris co-hosted several acceleration programmes and also helped Gritd to market a framework to measure the growth of startups and scale-ups.

Besides work, Floris enjoys playing games and going to the gym from time to time and listens to a lot of music. Over 50,000 minutes a year, according to Spotify. Fun fact, he is a watch enthusiast.

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