Joining the Bundl family in April 2022, Fabian filled the position of Senior Venture Architect.
Fabian Wiktor

Fabian Wiktor

Senior Venture Architect

Joining the Bundl family in April 2022, Fabian filled the position of Senior Venture Architect.

He brings in the methodology and know-how of the corporate venture building process and applies it to the various problems or ideas clients have. Managing projects, and stakeholders and ensuring the results and quality are on point are his responsibilities.

For Fabian, it’s all about creating impact with the ventures that we build. He loves that as a Venture Architect he’s able to actively develop and shape ideas, that might have otherwise never seen the light of day, due to restricted financial resources, missing customers or something else. Working together with a strong and motivated team on the client-side will eventually really leverage the potential of Corporate venture Building - creating products and services that really create value on all ends. Be it the users, clients, stakeholders and most importantly, humanity/environment as a whole.

His long journey of working at the forefront of innovation-led Fabian towards Bundl. Starting his career in companies such as WE, Hypoport’s Step Innovation Hub, Deutsche Telekom’s various innovation departments like T-Labs, hub:Raum, and Detecon led him to become a Venture Architect. He proved to have a thorough entrepreneurial spirit when he tried designing and founding a startup that offered P2P-inner-city ridesharing. This didn’t work out but he continued building things people really need as a freelance venture architect. After Working for Pacemakers Digital Ventures for a year, he decided to join the Bundl Family.

Travelling off the path, and exploring cultures and their people on the far end of the world is what Fabians love doing the most. Being an aspiring photographer he always brings his camera along, documenting journeys, events, and people. Through his own portfolio page, he is creating an offering for weddings and events. Loving both mental and physical challenges Fabian does sports and walks about 10-15 kilometres every day.  During the summer you can find him enjoying the festivals. Ask him about his swimming and DJ career 😉.

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