Announcing Didid: The app that helps your dreams come true

Didid app announcement

We’re so proud to announce that Bundl’s latest portfolio venture is launching today: Didid, the app that helps your dreams come true.

After months of hard work, and after conquering the first users’ hearts in the beta test (do you remember Horizon?), Didid is ready to spread its wings into the world.

At the international hackathon of BNP Paribas Fortis, Bundl presented the idea for an app that would help people take their dreams off a shelf and finally work towards fulfilling them. The concept was picked up by the bank, and we developed it together with Didid, a subsidiary startup of BNP Paribas Fortis. Bundl is the founding father of the idea, and we have had an active part in building this startup from scratch

During the early phases of the project, we used the codename 'Horizon'

Make your dreams come true!

With Didid your dreams, small or large, near or far, are much easier to achieve. Use the mobile app to shape, plan, budget, set goals, push your limits, and transform dreams into tangible projects, soon to be unforgettable memories.

Didid is mobile, social, and financial.

Didid isn’t just a personal bucket list planner. It’s that, and so much more!

Besides uploading your dreams, the app allows you to navigate through an ocean of dreams, so you can get inspired and transform those dreams into your own.

You are also able to easily share your dreams with friends, family or other Didid users. Let them know you’re looking forward to that experience, ask for suggestions, or even invite them to participate in it with you!

Savings (or the lack of them) are often what distinguish dreams from memories. By safely linking a bank account to your Didid profile, you can immediately start saving for a dream. Family and friends are invited to sponsor your dreams too. So if it’s your birthday or you’re getting married, it might be a good idea to send them a link to your Didid profile.

Image credit: Didid

A true example of user-driven businesses.

Banking is all about realizing dreams, whether by granting a mortgage for a dream house or financing a startup. However, it doesn’t always feel like that.

Traditional banking has way too often been product centered. At Bundl, we strongly believe in user-centered driven business, and Didid is a very good example of this.

Didid isn’t built around (banking) products: it’s fully centered around what the user wants to achieve, and how to achieve it. That’s exactly where this innovative startup shines.

A groundbreaking way of banking

Traditional banking focuses around saving, spending or receiving money. It helps you get insights about how much you own, but not about what you want to do with that money.

Didid turns that world upside down, with the user’s dreams and ambitions at the core of the service.

Didid is not a bank, but it is seriously safe. Didid is one of the first Belgian companies to receive a license from the National Bank that allows users of the app to link their bank account to Didid, in order to safely save for their dreams or receive gifts from friends or family.

At the moment of launch, users can link accounts from BNP Paribas Fortis, Hello bank! And Fintro

“A dream without a concrete plan is only a vague wish. Putting down your dreams on a piece of paper is often the first step to making them come true, (…) Didid is like that piece of paper, but in the digital, mobile, and connected world of today!”
Maarten Verboven, Head of Didid

Didid will continue to evolve, so expect interesting updates and new functionalities in the coming months!

Didid is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store and available in Dutch and French for anyone 18 years and up.

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