Meet Enrico Milovan, our new Senior Venture Builder

Enrico plays an intricate role in helping companies accelerate growth by creating new ventures from scratch.

At Bundl, we pride ourselves on our diversity. Our team hails from all walks of life, with different nationalities, backgrounds, work styles and skill sets all working together to build killer ventures in the heart of Antwerp (and more recently Amsterdam as well).

There are currently over 45 Bundlers working remotely and from the office, specialising in areas like growth hacking, design, marketing and lean methodologies (just to name a few). Each one brings to the table a different talent and perspective that strengthens our overall ability to design, build and scale the businesses of tomorrow - and the team is only getting bigger.

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Enrico Milovan to our team as a Senior Venture Builder, and we can’t wait to introduce him to you!

Meet Enrico

They say that variety is the spice of life, and it’s exactly that adage that comes to mind when looking at Enrico’s education and career background. Born and raised in Italy, he completed high school in Hong Kong before flying back to London and earning his MSc in International Business and Management (He’s also a master at managing jet lag, it seems!). 

Since then, Enrico has built his career with positions like Strategy Consultant, Innovation Director and Corporate Intrapreneur for companies like Accenture, Deloitte, PwC and Ford. Each experience sharpening his skill set, making him the seasoned entrepreneur he is today. 

Enrico plays an intricate role in helping companies accelerate growth by creating new ventures from scratch. That includes everything from ideation, to validation, to launching new value propositions and business models. When asked about the qualities that make a great Venture Builder, he explained:

“You need to be resourceful, creative and determined because as an entrepreneur, the odds are always against you. It’s not just about being able to run an innovation sprint or knowing the building blocks of design thinking. It’s about having the instinct, persistence and positivity to stay the course.”  

Having helped brands like Philips, Ford, and Credit Suisse, launch new products and build their own innovation labs, Enrico knows first-hand the passion and motivation it takes to turn ventures into thriving businesses.  

Becoming a Venture Builder

Although he’s always had an interest and flair for entrepreneurship, it wasn’t until after his early career as a Strategy Consultant that Enrico found his true passion: Building Ventures. And once he got a taste of his first big venture, he was hooked. 

It all started in 2013 when he joined the senior management team of a private equity-backed startup called GENIAC. GENIAC was a UK based company that offered “office as a service” for small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s). Soon after its launch, GENIAC raised £22 million in series B funding and became one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe alongside startups like Revolut

As part of the original team, Enrico was involved in virtually every aspect of bringing the concept to life, including building a business strategy, marketing, branding, development and operations. He’s been building ventures ever since.

A portfolio of ventures

When asked about the difference between his previous position as a Strategy Consultant and his current one as a Venture Builder, Enrico explained:

“Strategy consulting is a lot more about crunching numbers and studying trends. I really wanted to build things that would get launched to the market and be in customers’ hands. The best part of being a Venture Builder is seeing your work in action and the excitement of seeing if it survives.”

Enrico has helped several companies launch new offerings during his career, among them Philips and Credit Suisse. Among his most notable projects is The Family Institute, which helps families manage the transition of their estates between generations. 

He also has quite a bit of experience helping corporations build innovation labs. For example, during his time as Innovation Director at Ford, he was heavily involved in D Ford, a design group that focuses on human-centred design to drive progress and innovation. 

What’s next?

This year, Enrico is spending the summer in the Northeast of Italy - kicking off his Bundl career as part of our remote team of entrepreneurs. So there will be plenty of time to enjoy the beach, visit with his parents, surf and travel in his camper van (some of his favourite free-time activities).

Of course, the real fun will be helping our clients breathe life into their ventures and turning them into thriving new revenue streams (I’m only half kidding). He’s already hit the ground running, providing the benefit of his expertise and know-how to strengthen a few of our international ventures - and we can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in the months to come. 


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Corporate venture building is a proven strategy to help companies tap into new markets, expand beyond their core offerings and create new revenue streams. We can help you create, validate, and launch game-changing ventures that will help you reach your unique growth goals.  

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